Fulldome show


My friend Mika (jeitler.de) and I would like to perform a concert at a planetarium using 360° projections. We  have a concept and already alot videos, timelapses, slowmos and animations in 4K resolution! Now we’re looking for a

1. SINGER and a
2. 3D ANIMATOR who has maybe experience in fulldome projections.

Here is the first song we’ve arranged.

We are 2 Berlin-based musicians working with synthies, rhodes, piano and hang. We are currently looking for a singer! (As you hear vocals are missing in this song…)
We like Hundreds, Sigur Rós, The Album Leaf, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Olafur Arnalds.


In this 360° web application is a short impression of a 4 hours long improvised concert of Mika and me performed at a thermal bath in Bad Orb (please select Bad Orb).