Kyma-lesque days

Hi People,

I spend several days (evenings/nights) with my Pacarana and I can say its fun.
Now I am getting the most out by basically trial n error.
I read some pages in the Kyma X revealed book and thus further increased my knowledge about the way to do sound.
There are some phases where I am just fiddling around to get something out of the black box (in both senses).
At a certain point I am getting a kind of frustration spending time with Kyma and feeling stuck. Nothing really worth recording. BUT THEN I have something and this is for sure a special thing, which let me forget about the struggle I had before. Dont forget to save! The most bad thing is having something interesting and finally forget to save your sound. Often I am a little unsure if I am overwriting the factory library sounds. (I think it never happened)

This time I do not write about my spectral work in Kyma, this is far to complicated now.

I’ll give you a listening experience of my very first sounds I created inside Kyma.